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How to make more money with Uber and Lyft?

Add another stream of revenue and gain great customer satisfaction from this awesome addition to your Uber, Lyft, or any other ridesharing service

IDEAL FOR – The Rideshare Candy Jar is designed to provide Uber, Lyft and Taxi drivers additional tips from passengers.

SUPERIOR QUALITY – This uniquely designed Rideshare Candy Jar will enhance your business revenue, provide a better passenger ride experience and increases your chances for a 5-star review!

SMART DESIGN – Carlos Cruz Rideshare Candy Jar unique multi-components and multi-colors light with a 3 in 1 charging station are designed to attract everyday passengers to give more tips. Item suggestions for the top component: small candies, mini chocolate bars, gum etc…

SPECIFICATIONS – The Rideshare Candy/Tip Jar : 8” (Length) x 6” (Height) x 6” (Wide) ;

INCLUDED – 1 LED multi-color light, 1- 3in1 charger cable for iPhone 5/6/7, Android and Type-C, 1 Lock with 2 keys, 1 strap to attach the candy jar to the middle of your car.


Mike’s Market was developed for drivers looking to stay tidy.

Our organizer systems were conceived for harmonious storage options. Founded by an Uber driver, our system is a reaction to the demand of drivers.

  We’ve done our research and here are results!


Our systems are packed with the following features:


  • Multi-pocketed in order to ensure proper room for your belongings or merchandise.
  • Strong and resilient materials. We build our products to last.
  • Clear laminated label system, write down prices or keep organized.
Our products are also perfect for independent contractors.
Whichever popular ride-hailing service you work for, ensure you have an edge. Treat your customers to beverages or nourishment. You are given endless opportunities to ensure that they have an amazing time and are treated to a complete service.
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Taxis
  • Private drivers

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