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Best Lyft And Uber Driver Accessories For More Income And Higher Rating

Best Lyft And Uber Driver Accessories For More Income And Higher Rating
September 6, 2018

Receiving Tips from passengers can make a significant improvement in your income as a Uber or Lyft driver. As a driver, you need to make enough income for your time staying behind the wheels, and receiving tips can be a critical part of this.

Rideshare Candy Jar by Carlos Cruz is a great investment for  Uber, Lyft and Taxi drivers driver who wants to take more money collecting tips from passengers. Compared to similar products in the market, Rideshare Candy Jar by Carlos Cruz comes with superior quality and unique design to provide a better passenger ride experience thereby increasing your chances of getting a 5 star rating!

Want Increase Your Income From Tips? Checkout Rideshare Candy Jar by Carlos Cruz

Here is a review from one of our numerous users:

“I won’t leave home with out this! This is the number one tip box on the market. Works well and helps increase tips on Uber and Lyft. Worth the investment. Mine paid for itself the first week I had it.”

RideShare Candy Jar By Carlos Cruz

Multi-Color Lights, Smart Design Triggers Emotional Contact And Appeal

The multi color display from this super tip trapper comes with multi components and multi color lights with a 3 in 1 charging station designed to attract your passengers for more tips. You can make the best use of the Rideshare Candy Jar by adding small candies, mini chocolates, bars, gum e.t.c. You can be sure their eyes will be on the candy, and definitely on the tip box as well!

1 LED multi-color light, 1- 3in1 charger cable for IPhone 5/6/7, Android and Type-C, 1 Lock with 2 keys, 1 strap to attach the candy jar to the middle of your car.


How To Use It:

The top compartment is made to put candies or other goodies for your passengers.

The lower compartment is adapted to receive cash tips from passengers. Thousands of drivers have already purchased the Rideshare Candy Jar and agrees that this is the best Candy/Tip Jar out in the market.

See what a Uber had to say about this product!

“A fantastic tip box. My tips have increased with it. Customers rave about it and i get a kick out of their reaction to it.They love the design and the lighted charger cable. They get excited over the candy the most. They are always asking where did i get it. I get lots of nice personal compliments for having it. This jar has exceeded my expectations . I would recommend this over a plain tip jar.” Review by Jazzy Jeff

Get Yours Now And Let Your Tips Skyrocket!


Uber Driver Accessories To Help Your Passenger Stay Organized:

Mike’s Market Back Seat Car Organizer, Ideal for Uber, Lyft and Taxi Drivers, 20 Large Pocket Storage, For Car, SUV, Minivan, Easy

Having a neat and well organized car can help you deliver a great experience for your passengers. Mike’s Market Back Seat Car Organizer is the best for Uber, Lyft and Taxi drviers. It comes with 20 large pocket storage. Perfect design for cars, SUV, Minivan and easy to install.

Mike’s Market Back Seat Car organizer can ehlp you enhance your businsess revenue, provide a better experience for your passengers and boost your 5 star ratings! This compact accessory helps you sell everyday items to passengers. You can sell products such as drinks, chips, chocolate bars, power banks, cable chargers, and many more products.

You can as well look at the 9 pocket back seat car organizer from Mike’s Market. This is more compact and less pocket spaces.

Click here to buy this product and take your business to the next level!

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