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    Rideshare Candy Tip Jar

    We provide the best investment you'll ever make for your rideshare business! 
    • ✔ IDEAL FOR - This Candy TIp Jar is designed to provide Uber, L and Taxi drivers and any bar, restaurant counter additional tips from customers.
    • ✔ SUPERIOR QUALITY - This uniquely designed Candy Tip Jar will enhance your business revenue, provide a better customer experience and increases your chances for a 5 star review!
    • ✔ SMART DESIGN – The Candy Tip Jar unique multi-components and is designed to attract everyday customers to give more tips. Item suggestions for top component : small candies, mini chocolate bars, gum etc…
    • ✔ SPECIFICATIONS – Candy Tip Jar : 6.5” (Length) x 5.25” (Height) x 4.75” (Wide) ;
    • ✔ INCLUDED – Lock with 2 keys, Velcro strap to attach the Candy Tip Jar to the middle of your car, and Velcro double sided tape to stick on any bar and restaurant counters. ***NOT INCLUDED : Charger Cable and LED Lights; ***To buy the multi-color 3 in 1 charger cable with the 2 LED multicolor lights please search for the ASIN ; B083M919T7
    We follow UBER policy by not asking for tips or suggesting tipping anywhere on our Candy Jar. Having said that, if a rider feels your services were exceptional and worthy of gratitude, you are welcome to accept it, after all, you earned it!Attention all Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers, start earning more money during your rides by attracting your passengers and satisfying their ride experience with this compact and easy to install candy jar.

    The top compartment is made to put candies or other goodies for your passengers.

    The lower compartment is adapted to receive cash tips from passengers. Thousands of drivers have already purchased the Rideshare Candy Jar and agrees that this is the best Candy/Tip Jar out in the market.


    Don't be fooled by the copycats and imitations. Our product is the very first, one and only Rideshare Tip Jar designed by Carlos Cruz!